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welcome to the bohemian foodie!

Thank you for being here! The Bohemian Foodie isn’t just about food, it’s about intentionally living and eating well every day.

The goal of The Bohemian Foodie is to share not only delicious, mostly good for you recipes, but also to inspire you throughout your home and daily living. From decor to gardening, from cooking to getting outdoors, and adventure to self-care, we’re here to share our favorites with you.

Together, let’s enjoy this bohemian-flavored adventure!

My favorites

Discover my favorites from gardening to lifestyle around the home plus health and wellness to recipes and more.

Welcome! I’M Stacey!

I’m so happy you’re here!

I’m a southern girl with a bohemian soul. I’m passionate about food, adore adventure, and am in love with photography. I’ve spent years, living overseas and learning about what it really means to take on an intentional approach to slow living. The Bohemian Foodie is more than just delicious recipes, it’s also about doing life well. You’ll find things close to my heart from recipes to gardening and home decor to health, wellness, and more.

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